Dub Taylor Consulting is a Georgia based international consulting firm that services a national client base specializing in the areas of:

Dub Taylor is a highly sought after Speaker and Consultant widely known for his transformative leadership strategies, techniques and concepts.

Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Dub Taylor Consulting, in Augusta, GA., he is responsible for planning, directing and managing nationwide sales initiatives, partnerships and supporting clients by interpreting their immediate needs into viable avenues for business growth and increased profitability.

Over the past three years, Dub Taylor Consulting, has been credited with producing massive results for multiple industry leaders across the greater United States and abroad through its leading consulting, training and executive coaching solutions.

Dub Taylor's passion for helping organizations reach Peak Performance fast is evident in his delivery of content. Dub is knowledgeable in many fields and have the capacity to help any company transform from where they are to exceeding their potential.  Dub Taylor's magnetic delivery of content paired with tailor-made actions steps helped me become utter, UBER  uncomfortable. If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in that workshop, You should. It strategically redirects your focus and accelerates your desired outcome.


I promoted Dub to take over the worst sales team in the company that was ranked 57th out of 57 sales teams for five years, and under his leadership, the team was able to achieve triple digit growth over prior year performance for three consecutive years. Dub has a unique ability to make complex situations seem simple, and his ability to work well with all departments. He is a visionary in the business community, yet highly approachable by all employees.


-Greg Fields, Duke Energy One | Strategic Customer Solutions

Dub Taylor did an excellent job of helping our Sales team understand how to reach Peak Performance Fast.  He started by immediately immersing himself into our business, customer calls, and processes.  He defined our current state, spent quality time with our leadership team, and recommended Key Areas which we need to focus to reach a transformational level of success. I suggest if your business is needing a sales boost, you hire Dub to get your organization to Peak Performance Fast.

- La'Brenica Harris, Founder of 5eyesinc Educational Consulting

Brenda Richard, SVP of HR Ranstad


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