From coast to coast, Dub Taylor an expert Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant, comes highly recommended as the "Ultimate Fixer" for the performance needs of any sales organization. It is not often that you find someone who embodies the true definition of a "Servant Leader" to the degree that Dub has embraced this philosophy. It is with mental fortitude and empathy that he is able to extract so much out of an individual. As a leader, Dub inspires the teams he supports to work smarter while he provides the necessary skills needed to motivate them to maximum potential. Many clients, past and present report how much of a pleasure it is working with Dub. As a great motivator who doesn't accept anything but the best from those he trains, he approaches his work with dedication to excellence for a memorable customer service experience only involving himself in projects that match his values and ones he knows he can bring about positive results. By all accounts, Dub Taylor is an excellent asset to any organization! Book Dub to bring results to your organization!

Below encompasses just some of the talks Dub Taylor has shared and trained on:


Dub Taylor Consulting - Peak Performance Promo

Executive Leadership Strategy

Organizational Development

Executive Sales Coaching

Soft Skills Training

  • How To Go From Good To Great! It’s all about your People.
  • The Way To Get More From Your People Is To
    Ask For More.
  • Core Leadership Principles.
  • How To Inspire Your Team.
  • Never Go Grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  (HR Nightmare)
  • Improving Interpersonal Soft Skills for Leaders.
  • Improving Interpersonal Soft Skills for Teams.


  • How To Reach Peak Performance Fast.
  • Coaching For Improved Performance.
  • Prospect Management Training.
  • Core Sales Training.
  • Core Leadership.
  • How To Overcome Objections.
  • How to Make Customer Feel Important.
  • Time and Territory Management.

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